ESI's 2017 Professional Development Curriculum has 2 classes remaining, scheduled for June 29 and September 14. A $75 administrative fee will be charged per class for Make-Up Classes after PD Classes conclude. The 2017 Class Catalog is available at the link below:

ESI 2017 Education Programs

Slides for P515 - Regulatory & Developmental Challenges of Mixed Use Applications can be found here.

Slides for P508 - Understanding MS4 Permits can be found here.


Semester 2 of ESI's 2017 Land Development Engineering Program will begin on September 5. Click on the link below to see the schedule for Semester 2.

2017 LDE Semester 2 Schedule


All DPEs and DPE-eligibles have an annual education requirement to satisfactorily complete three elective Professional Development Classes and a Policy & Procedure Update Class for each jurisdiction in which the member is certified/eligible.

 If transcripts are needed, contact the staff at (703) 263-2232.