Web Based Comments Response (WCR):

Note: We have been notified that testing of the new interface (ongoing for over a year) is now complete and the system will convert to the new interface on October 1, 2012. A Quick Tutorial is available. It is arranged in such a way that you do not need to read it all.  You can use the Table of Contents that refer you to specific pages that might be helpful. Please view the tutorial here: Dr Checks Quick Tutorial

Explanation: The ESI WCR provides web-based support for entering review comments in a very organized and well-documented manner. The reviewer enters the comment into the system (either original comment text or copied text from a pick list of previous comments or references) identifying specific points in the plan documents (page and detail) for reference. The comment is uniquely identified so a “threaded” sequence of discussion and resolution can take place. Once the comments are ready for publication, the reviewer (submitter is used in Dr Checks) can analyze each comment individually and provide responses to resolve the comment. These responses can be supported with graphical materials in the form of pdf attachments that become part of the record or resolutions. The original reviewer then has the opportunity to “back check” the response to determine if the issue has been resolved. Once all comments have been resolved, a detailed documentation of those resolutions is available, essentially forming the “contract” of agreement between the reviewer and submitter on corrections to the final approvable plan. The system provides a robust management level set of controls to task reviewers in discipline areas, establish timelines for review, oversee review progress, communicate with the project team, etc. A very responsive “help desk” capability is available through a contractual arrangement. The system runs on secure servers authenticated by the State Department and Corps of Engineers. For a more descriptive explanation please click here for full text.

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