At this time, we highly encourage plans to be submitted electronically.  Please contact Bill Missell ( to coordinate electronic plan submission and review through SharePoint.  If you must submit a paper plan, please contact Leila Alimova ( to coordinate plan drop-off at our Chantilly office.  For updates on the City of Alexandria’s operations, please visit their website (

The 2021 Registration Statement for the VPDES Construction General permit has changed slightly.  All new applications must use the new form now posted on the City website: VPDES Construction General Permit Registration Statement

The Stormwater Division has drafted interim guidance for calculating the limits of disturbance as it relates to stormwater and interim guidance for determination of types of land cover.  The interim guidance is being issued while the Administrative manual is being written to assist developers and engineers stormwater management plans in the City of Alexandria.  Guidance is linked below: 
Interim Guidance on Land Cover Calculations for Stormwater Management in Alexandria (1/11/21)
Interim Guidance on Calculating Land Disturbance in Alexandria (1/11/21)

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please contact Melanie Mason at

Alexandria Memo to Industry 21-02: Green Streets and Sidewalks Update (2/17/21) 

To join the Alexandria Team Peer Review roster, or to know the current rotation of the roster, contact Bill Missell.


The ESI program in the City of Alexandria consists of a Minimum Submission Review (MSR) and a Team Peer Review (TPR). An acceptable transmittal from the MSR is required. The program provides a plan quality control review (MSR) to save the time of the regulatory reviewers and speed the process of plan approval.

Submission Requirements
Plans currently must be submitted to Bill Missell via SharePoint. The plan submission must contain the plan set for review, any supporting documentation, and a scan of the ESI Alexandria Fee Processing Application and fee check (if not paying by ACH) in order for review to commence. The acceptable transmittal for the project will be issued once the ESI application and fee have been received at the ESI Chantilly office.



City of Alexandria ESI Review Program Detailed Instructions (Coming Soon)