Program Description: The ESI program in the Town of Leesburg consists of a Minimum Submission Review (MSR) and a Team Peer Review (TPR) for each document listed below for all submissions, excluding signature set submissions. To reduce the time needed to get the plan into the TOL process, the ESI Leesburg Committee, has empowered the ESI Staff Engineer to conduct the MSR and determine if the plan is acceptable to enter the TOL process without TOL participation. In other words, no TPR prior to a determination is required. An “Acceptable” transmittal is still required prior to any Town submission. The MSR provides a plan completeness review to save time for the regulatory reviewers and speed the process of plan approval. The program is supported by a pay as you go approach that requires an application and deposit to cover the cost of ESI review. Plans submitted for ESI Minimum Submission Review are generally completed within 48 business hours of submission.

Minor site plans are now reviewed by ESI using the Constructions Drawings Final Development Plan Checklist below. The standard ESI review fee is applicable.

Detailed instructions and appropriate forms can be obtained at the links provided below:



Dedication/Easement Plat

Preliminary Subdivision Plat

Final Subdivision Record Plat

Final Site Plan

Minor Site Plan

Rough Grading Plan

Floodplain Alterations/Studies

Construction Drawings

Certified Bond Estimate Worksheet

ESI Sr. Staff Engineer for Town of Leesburg

Gary Newlen P.E.
Office 703-771-8488

Submission Deadline

Daily pickups and drop-offs: 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM at the ESI Office shown below. Parking is available in the rear of the office.

Detailed Instruction: ESI Review Program Submission

Application: ESI Review Program Processing Application

Leesburg ESI Office Address

7 Loudoun St. SE
Suite 3
Leesburg, VA 20175